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Daniel Adler
-USAW Level 1
-Wide Receiver Specialist

“Our mission is to offer a place for athletic development that enhances the physical body and mental framework to prepare for the athletic journey. Through naturalistic visuals and a diverse training approach; we aim to connect our clients with their bodies, their mind and nature, to build a strong foundation for their future. Our sponsorship program pairs philanthropists with low-income athletes where we provide performance training and a place for restoration and clarity.”

Training Philosophy

The Foundation is a place built for athletes, by athletes. Our work is adaptions from multiple disciplines across the sports performance spectrum. We believe that the base of an athlete must be built from the ground up in order to restore balance, posture and ensure proper distribution of force.

The scope of training is dependent on the athlete’s strength and age level. We believe that ground force reaction is the true measure of a fast athlete and you cannot be quick or fast if you are not strong. Strength is defined by ‘force development’ and by putting the athlete through ‘time under tension’ which in turn causes more muscle fiber recruitment. While strength and force are important; postural awareness is equal in comparison. Through cues and visual demonstration we will connect the athlete with their body, enabling them to have body awareness to avoid imbalances to keep them healthy.

Foundational stages of Athletic Development

12 to 13
Coordination and connection/body weight strengthening/mobility/movement patterns

14 to 18
Continuation of coordination/mobility/movement with time under tension/resistance training/muscle recruitment/strength endurance

19 to 22
Advanced weightlifting techniques and athletic movement/ Correctives and specialized training