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Having the extra funds to afford performance training is a privilege not all are fortunate to have. We are very excited to bridge the connection between philanthropists of all sizes and young athletes looking to train but cannot without a sponsorship. This small act of giving provides one student athlete with the opportunity to train with us for 1 year. The skills, knowledge, and support each athlete receives is truly life-changing. Our “Nutrition wall” is a fun way to engage our athletes with the medicinal properties of natural food.
Mental health has become a rising concern in society; numerous studies have supported a ‘disengagement with nature’ as a key reason for the rapid decline in mental health amongst youth especially. We at The Foundation want to uplift and support our athletes to navigate through a noisy world, while keeping one’s focus and peace of mind. Below we have posted several excerpts of work that further explain the connection between mental health and nature engagement.

All organizations, companies, or individual that makes a donation will be recognized and appreciated through a “Tree of Impact” signage between everybody involved with the sponsorship. Also, local businesses and organizations will have the opportunity to promote their company banner inside our gym.

We are partnered with “LC and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope” (TheHavenofHope.org), a non-profit organization that “enables groundbreaking entrepreneurs”. We are extremely grateful for Darcelle Lahr and The Haven of Hope; Darcelle was a large contributor to the foundation of ‘The Foundation’ and continues to be a key element that allows us to do what we do. Her fierceness and positivity was monumental in us getting the wheels rolling. Our partnership with the Haven of Hope is strictly to carry out our common social mission; “combat social injustice with love and grace”.

All donations are tax-deductible for all who sponsor.

Our minimum donation for company banners is 1 athlete but individuals can donate any amount which goes into a fund that adds up until we have enough to sponsor the next athlete on our waiting list. We will then immediately notify you of the young person that you have just uplifted and made possible a training sponsorship!

The donation for one athlete to be sponsored for a year of training is $3000.


– Public health researchers Stamatakis and Mitchell

The (Biophilia Hypothesis) proposes that humans have an inherent, even genetic predisposition to seek contact with nature; and because man spent much of his history living closely with nature he has evolved to extract and analyse information and learn about natural processes
– E. O. Wilson 1984, Professor of Biodiversity and Biology at Harvard University, 2 time Pulzer Prize winner and Leading Natural world Scientist

There is growing empirical evidence to show that exposure to nature brings substantial mental health benefits and at the same time, physical activity is known to result in positive physical and mental health outcomes. -Roger Ulrich (Ph.D., Department of Architecture and Centre for Healthcare Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology)

Restorative effects of nature are derived from the reduction of stress through affective or emotional changes rather than purely through replenishing directed attention – Roger Ulrich in 1981

Thus accounting for people’s preferences for natural environments which represent places of safety or security and that initiate affirmative emotional responses. Ulrich maintains that viewing natural scenes provokes an immediate effect on an individual’s brain and body, leading to a rapid reduction in stress. – Sir Adrian Bird, 2007, Professor of Genetics at the University of Edinburgh,